Vision & Mission

we care. we listen. we serve.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision in the Regional Industry

Our vision is a world where individuals and communities are empowered through open conversations about death.

Our Vision in the Local Industry

Our vision is to professionalise the local funeral industry through public education, credentials and licensing.

Our Mission

As life celebrants, we strive to celebrate and commemorate how you lived and leave your life, by providing customised and meaningful funeral planning and preplanning services for individuals and families, and to do so with thoughtfulness, integrity and compassion.

Our 5 Core Values

TLC is passionate in our commitment to provide our professional knowledge and guidance for the memorialisation of a unique life, while facilitating moments that lead to the healing of grief. Our dedication to superior value and compassionate service defines and differentiates us.

1. Commitment

Open 24/7, we are commited to providing a service tailored to your needs, by guiding you through the entire funeral process from pre-planning to post-funeral administration.

2. Integrity

We serve with respect and trust, and is dedicated to delivering gold-standard services, regardless of what you choose to expend.

3. Thoughtfulness

TLC believes in the importance of listening carefully to your needs. Through our thoughtfulness and attention to details, we strive to give your family time to focus on healing.

4. Compassion

We are with you during your time of grief. We empathise with your loss and are motivated to help unburden and relieve your suffering in any possible ways we can.

5. Professionalism

Our knowledgeable funeral professionals strive to provide quality care for the departed and competent support for you and your family.

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