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Grant of Probate / Grant of Letter of Administration

This is the Court Order that to apply for, to enable clients’ executors or administrators to administer their estate when they pass on. While a Will states the wishes of the Testator (“the client”)”, it does not carry the power for the executor / administer to be able to obtain monies from the clients’ bank accounts, insurance policies after the client passes on. The respective executors / administers need to apply for a Grant of Probate or Grant of Letter of Administration (if the client did  not leave behind a will) in order to do so. We assist in the application of this court order.

Advanced Care Planning

Advance Care Planning

This usually goes hand in hand with Lasting Power of Attorney. When donees are appointed, they also need to know the donor’s lifestyle, preferences, medical history, etc, in order to take better care of them. This is an initiative by the Agency of Integrated Care, enabling clients to document down their preferences, lifestyle, preferences, medical history, and most important - care wishes. For instance, in the event of a disability or illness, what are the means of treatment they would prefer. This gives them a peace of mind that their wishes will be adhered to, and makes it easier for their care-takers without having to second-guess on the client’s preferences.

Emotional Wills

Emotional Will

This is a powerful form of will, because it conveys the client’s last words to their loved ones. It can be in the form of a letter, a drawing, a video recording or audio recording.

Advanced Medical Directive

Advance Medical Directive

A legal document which is governed by the Ministry of Health. Clients give their written consent in advance, to not proceed with life sustaining treatment, in the event they fall into a coma or become terminally-ill. This gives the client a peace of mind that their family members know what to do in the event they are in a coma or become terminally-ill. It also eases the burden on family members, and releases any guilt.


Will Writing & Trust

We provide will writing services to help clients plan how they wish for their estate to be administered when they pass on. This is an integral of planning because it outlines clients’ wishes, as well as help safeguard their assets. Clients are able to appoint their own executors, trustees, guardians and beneficiaries according to their wishes, and who to receive what assets in what portion. This gives clients a peace of mind, and help their family members to administer their estate when they pass on.

Funeral Pre-Planning

Grant of Probate / Grant of Letter of Administration

A vital process in estate planning. Funeral pre-planning is widely common in Western countries and more forward-thinking Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, etc. In Singapore, we are starting to see a trend in people taking up pre-planning, so that they can direct their own funeral preferences before they pass on, and ease the (financial and emotional) burdens of their loved ones when they eventually pass on. Pre-planning gives clients the choice to choose their preferred types of funeral ceremonies to be held, clothes to wear on funeral day, music to be played during their wake, and even food to be served, etc. It gives the client control over how they wish for their lives to be presented during their last journey on earth, and is a powerful gift to their loved ones.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney

A legal document that is drawn up appointing donees to act for the clients if they lose mental capacity. This is an initiative by Office of the Public Guardian under the Ministry of Social Development and Family (MSF). Lasting Power of Attorney is a very important process because without an LPA, family members will have to undergo a long, tedious and expensive process to apply to be a court deputy if their family members lose mental capacity. This gives the donee and donees a peace of mind as well as an easy, more affordable procedure to apply for, should the inevitable happens.

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