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"I don't want people crying at my funeral"

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Stage 1: When Death Occurs

The first person you call right now is 6684 8488 (24 hours hotline). The Life Celebrant’s care team will head to the hospital / hospice / home to pick up the dearly-departed. Do not worry about details such as the death certificate or what to bring, we will guide you through step-by-step.

Our experienced funeral directors will hold a discussion with the family members to understand your preferences for types of wake, religions, each family member’s roles, etc. You can also feel free to address any questions to them at this discussion session.

In the event death occurs overseas, or if the dearly-departed is a foreigner, we can assist with comprehensive repatriation or expatriation as well.

(for foreigners who pass away in Singapore, you have the choice of:

  • ceremony in Singapore followed by cremation, so we will send the ashes back home; or
  • embalming and repatriating the body back to hometown for the necessary ceremonies )

Stage 2

Caring for the Departed

The Life Celebrant prides ourselves on always keeping the body clean and dignified, by giving the dearly-departed a shower after embalming.

While our professionals do the necessary, the family members will pick up items such as clothings, accessories, shoes, and other items they wish to include during encoffinment.

The family will then meet us at our Showers of Love Sanctuary, a 5-star facility catered to taking care of the dearly-departed’s body before the final journey. Over here, we will shower the dearly-departed and apply light makeup so they look dignified during the wake.

We offer Singapore’s first and only decedent spa service and here we usually ask clients if they would like to give their family members “the final spa”. This is a comprehensive care service for the dearly-departed, comprising of quality masks, organic bath products, massages, and the opportunity for family members to observe as well as participate in the final bath and dressing process.

Family members may help to comb the hair, wear accessories or even apply makeup for their dearly-departed, as well as have exclusive use of our Sanctuary with full privacy. They can spend time with their loved one - talking to them, singing to them, crying, and no one would interfere. This is a very important process, a private procedure that enables family members to “let it all out” instead of bottling their feelings or words for the dearly-departed to hear one last time. Family members may also write letters and fold paper cranes or other origami gifts for their dearly-departed.

On top of that, there is a comfortable lounge adjourned to the Sanctuary for family members to rest, take a breather, have some refreshments (or hot meals) and beverages, all at the providence of The Life Celebrant.

After that, the body will be carefully placed in the casket (“encoffinment process”) and prepared for the wake. Family members will be chauffeured to the wake venue, and our hybrid hearse will send your dearly-departed separately.


Stage 3: Wake Proceedings

Whether you have chosen religious or secular rites, or a combination thereof, we can definitely respect all family members and customise the services for you. We understand that every family is different, and everyone has unique preferences, therefore we are able to attend to different requests and requirements.

Decisions have to be made for the following categories:
number of days of wake

  • wake venue
  • religion type or secular or customised
  • type of food / cuisine to be served
  • type or design or setup required
  • songs to play
  • the use of any photo boards or photo / video montages
  • other props or customisations required

Customisations may vary from family to family. For instance, we can do air-conditioned wakes at HDB void decks if family members wish, or we can decorate the wake to suit a certain theme to reflect the life of the dearly-departed (examples would be art gallery style, purple fantasy, soccer-field replicate, etc).

We also encourage family members to bring along treasured personal effects of the dearly-departed to place at the wake so as to personalise the wake and help attendees understand the dearly-departed better. This tends to make the wake more lively and meaningful, and helps your guests forge more topics for discussion as conversations during such sombre events may be difficult.


Stage 4

Farewell Ceremony: Funeral Celebrant

Farewells need not be boring or depressing; it can be reflective of the dearly-departed’s life story. The Life Celebrant’s founder, Ms Angjolie Mei, is the only certified funeral celebrant in Singapore, and we provide professional celebrant service that gives awareness and meaning to the dearly-departed’s life.

On the funeral day itself, religious rites may be observed before the journey to cremation / burial commences. Selected family members or affiliates will be invited to give eulogies about the dearly-departed. Eulogies are stories or memories about the person when they were alive. Through eulogies, family members get an idea of this person, and see the different sides to them that they may not display at home. Therefore, eulogies are very therapeutic.

We then proceed to bring the dearly-departed to their final resting place. This could be a columbarium of choice, a burial plot of choice, or sea-burial, the latter of which is becoming more popular these days. Note that land scattering is not ready yet, and we will keep you updated once it is available.

The Life Celebrant is also the sole distributor (in Southeast Asia) to offer the option of Bios-Urn, where the ashes are planted with soil and a plant of choice. This is so that the earthly urn may be brought back home to be rested in the gardens or balcony, so that your dearly-departed continues to be “with you” . Our service includes planting the seed to germination before we hand over the plant to you, unless you have green fingers and are confident of doing it yourself.

Stage 5: Bereavement Care Program

After the funeral is over, unfortunately, grief and unsettled matters do not end here. Family members start to feel the impact of their loss, and they also need to sort out the estate of their dearly-departed. This may result in a lot of confusion and anxiety.

We continue to hold your hands through our Bereavement Care Program, conducted by our sister-company, The Life Legacy (TLL)

The suite of services offered under TLL include:

  • legal assistance (Grant of Probate, Letters of Administration, Wills Writing, LPA, etc)
  • financial management (we have a panel of financial specialists partners who can help look through your dearly-departed’s policies and advise on what to do with the claims)
  • grief counselling (we have a panel of grief counsellor partners who can help you walk out of your pain gradually)
  • funeral pre-planning (providing the foresight to plan in advance so that your own family members do not have to undergo the pain of planning your funeral, and all your preferences can be chosen by yourself in advance)

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