The Funeral Journey

The Funeral Journey is a full suite service to assist the grieving in a time of loss by handling the entire process of taking care of the departed from collection to preparation, to the wake and beyond. We believe in taking the effort to personalise each funeral to make it uniquely memorable event for the surviving members to remember the departed on their final journey.

Funeral journey help them plan, bring back to SOL for final acts of love, sent back to funeral venue and carry out the wake. Personalised and customise family’s need and departed desire

Showers of Love

Showers of Love is an intimate service where the surviving family members can perform the final acts of love and filial piety for the departed. Family members can partake in the cleaning and dressing ceremony for their loved ones in a private setting. Many of our customers found this service meaningful in helping them manage their grieve and find closure.

The Life Legacy

Pre Planning provides peace of mind for the surviving family members and an opportunity for all us to choose the way we want to be remembered. We plan for every major milestones for our lives, why do we not plan for the final and most important chapter of our lives? Write your own legacy that you want to live behind. TLC Pre Planning team will help you plan from will writing, setting up a trust, and designing a funeral that is a reflection of your personality and deliver the farewell that you deserve.

Angel Star

Angel star is a specialised service catered for the little ones who departed before their time. The death of a child is a painful experience and that is why we believe in giving them a dignified farewell that is unlike funerals held for adults. At Angel Star, we will work closely with the parents to create a thematic funeral of the child’s favourite things, complete with balloons and precious personal artifacts.

The Rainbow Connection

Non-pet owners will never understand the grieve we go through when we lose our best furry best friends. We grieve just a deeply and want to give our pets a dignified send off as the cross the rainbow bridge and not just “burying it in the backyard”. At Rainbow Connection we commemorate the life of the pet complete with personalised memorable board. Pet owners have the option of a private or mass cremation ceremony.